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Past Events
21.03.2002 Seminar organised by CVCI and hosted by Prof Silvio Munari and Mrs Ewa Mottier, head of the study.

In Spring 2001, CEMAFOR, the competence center of the Business School of the University of Lausanne, has conducted a vast study in collaboration with the CVCI on the strategic performance of Information Systems in companies in French speaking Switzerland.

This study has helped to gain a better understanding of how companies invest in Information Systems in the context of their strategy and the evolution of their activities. It has also helped identifying performance indicators of Information Systems in small and mid-sized businesses as well as evaluating the use and pertinence of these indicators.

In order to reach a wider audience for the results of this study, the CVCI is organising a seminar hosted by Prof. Silvio Munari, director of CEMAFOR et Mrs Ewa Mottier, head of the study on Thursday, March 21, 2002, from 5 pm until 7 pm.

Price : members of the CVCI : 100 CHF, others : 150 CHF.

Enquiry and application :

Rita Fabbiani, phone ++41 21 613 35 35
E-mail : [email protected]
27.-28.9.2001 Conference Extreme Programming (XP) & Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Two exceptional days on these two approaches hosted by experts Mr Thierry Cros (XP) and Mr Jean-Pierre Vickoff (RAD).
15.2.2001-15.6.2002 Survey of the strategic performance of Information Systems

This survey was part of the project "PMESure" whose aim is to study the performance and profitability of investments in Information Systems in small and medium sized companies.

Currently, the survey is being analyzed.
The results will soon be sent out to the participants.
All information regarding this survey can be found on our website.